In Luxembourg, financial aid for training is available to businesses and individuals.




Private sector companies legally established in Luxembourg where the majority of their business is conducted, can obtain two types of assistance:


Co-financing of training


The company can obtain:


- A training aid amounting to 20% of taxable annual amount invested.


- A financial contribution from the state of 35%, taxable, for salary costs of participants meeting the following criteria at the start date of the training plan:

  • does not hold a recognized diploma and seniority of less than 10 years,
  • holds a recognized degree, or seniority of more than10 years and aged over 45.


Subsidies for courses in Luxembourgish


As part of the aid package "Subsidies for Luxembourgish courses", the company can recover part of the costs associated with learning Luxembourgish.
Eligible costs consist of:

  • Trainer's fees
  • Cost of teaching material


The amount of the grant is calculated based on the number of businesses requesting a grant, and the total cost.


The company must:


- Download and complete the application form (by clicking on the application form link found here),
attach the required documents (original invoices paid, certificate stating that the project is not the subject of other public financing, attendance lists signed by the beneficiaries and by the organization)


- Return the completed form and the required documentation before the end of the calendar year to:


- Ministry of Labour, Employment and Economic Social Solidarity.






In Luxembourg, individuals wishing to develop their skills have access to different types of aid:


Paid leave:

Solicit personal training leave, linguistic leave or youth leave


The re-organization of working hours

Request an amendment to their working hours or unpaid leave for training


Specific financial aid

Deduct training expenses from taxable income, see financial aid available for higher education and European grants






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