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Language Courses

Language Courses

“A different language is a different vision of life”
Federico Fellini




Being able to communicate in more than one language in today’s competitive market is a must. Increase your career opportunities with foreign language skills and open your eyes to new sights and experiences around the world. Do not accept to remain monolingual!



Liren proposes you; European – Scandinavian – Slavic – Eastern – Asian and African languages. Let us know your need and we will organize the rest for you.


At the heart of the Liren’s activity for over 40 years, language courses are subject to permanent quality controls through satisfaction questionnaires.
Course quality is also a team of trainers handpicked and placed in companies according to their specialties.  These individual experiences are shared and used in developing our educational tools.


We stay at your disposition to help your business gain productivity and grow successfully with new language skills.



Communication Courses

Communication Courses

Another highlight of Liren is; Communication Courses & Workshops.

The basics of a language are easy for everyone, but things get complicated when you need to communicate effectively.


Business communication courses

We have developed 3 series of business communication courses focused on your business needs:



Effective writing skills

Intercultural Communication

To operate effectively in international environment requires not only language skills but also cultural awareness because lack of cultural awareness can lead to major miscommunication and harm your business and image.


If you need to and want to ensure your ability to communicate and work with others, avoiding conflicts, then you are at the right place.

Diversity @ work

Doing business with China: Business culture & etiquettes

Intercultural communication

Liren empowers you to go further!

Available Courses & Workshops (click on the link for more information)

Language audit

Language audit

In 40 years of existence, Liren found that the internal and external communication of companies is partly dependent on the language level.


In order to help businesses, Liren has developed a language audit concept. This tool evaluates the linguistic levels of your staff and identifying the specific  deficiencies  and needs.


Once it is identified, Liren will also offer tailored made solutions to significantly improve the communication within your company.


The language audit, the best way to see clearer!