Who are they?


They are professionals with university degrees, passionate to teach and to pass on what they are expertise in. They are all from various backgrounds and spread across the country.


Here again, the human element is essential. Confidence and good humor are the soil to blossom the language skills.


Our trainers follow the learner or group of learners during the entire length of the training. They work by constantly interacting with them. Our trainers are loyal to us and also to our clients.


They never stop learning; “train the trainers” is another strong point of LIREN!  The trainers innovate; they create new pedagogical tools, share experiences . . .  and all with a single goal: the success of their students!


Choosing the right trainer; it is our strong point to make you talk.


Join us


LIREN, a dynamic and expanding language institute, is always looking for new talents.


Are you passionate to teach, multilingual, have a university education and love challenges?


Shortly were you born to be a teacher?


If yes, do not hesitate to get in touch with us by sending your C.V. to