The right approach, the right trainers, but you still have to make sure if the objectives have been reached.
You are at the right place to know: An adequate training can only stay on the track if it goes hand-in-hand with constant and systematic assessment.


Liren attaches the highest importance in the evaluation process because training is an investment and also you are entitled to expect tangible results.  
In addition to standard evaluations, quantitative and qualitative, we can implement specific assessments for trainings focused on specific skills.


Initial assessments:

Prior to any training, an online test with a time limit, establishes the levels of the learners. According to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), these levels are; A0, A1-, A1 +, A2-, A2 +, B1-, B1 +, B2-, B2 +, C1, C1 +, C2, C2 +.


“A0” is the real beginner and “C2 +” is the real bilingual.


In addition to this online test, we provide you a 10 minutes conversation with one our experienced trainer in order to take into account your oral skills.


The intersection of this information allows us to determine the exact level of the participant/participants and also to form homogeneous groups.



For long-term training, the trainer will, upon request, provide a report or reports on the successful completion of the courses and the evolution of the participants.



In the final cycle, the trainer conducts a detailed report with progress by skills (defined CEF levels), the attitude and motivation of participants, as well as suggestions for the post-training.


Satisfaction form:

The learners are also invited, via email to advice on training and evaluate their trainer, the first satisfaction form will be sent after three weeks of classes, and again at the end of the training.