Language courses by phone

Language courses by phone

Language courses by phone?  A powerful tool!


Firstly telephone is, along with e-mail, the most frequently used means of communication at work.


Secondly, the absence of all visual cues (gestures, mimicry, looks) requires total concentration. Finally, this type of course can be easily adapted to your schedule - during working hours and also business trips.


It builds your ability to concentrate intensively on your speaking and listening skills. It helps you to face and quit your fear of speaking a foreign language on the phone.


Nevertheless, this course requires advanced or high intermediate level. If it is not the case, it is better to combine it with face-to-face training.


LIREN also recommends undertaking telephone training along with e-learning in order to reinforce skills between the lessons. It lasts 30 minutes.


Even on the other end of the line, LIREN knows how to make you talk!




- Finnish - Slovenian - Farsi
- English - Norwegian - Serbian - Indian languages (Hindi)
- German - Swedish - Czech - Indonesian
- Spanish - Danish   - Japanese
- French
  - Pashto
- Greek - Bulgarian         
- Thai
- Italian - Croatian - Arabic ...
- Dutch - Estonian - Hebrew               
- Portuguese (Portugal - Brazil) - Ukrainian - Turkish
- Hungarian - Latvian   - Lingala
- Romanian - Luthuanian
- Swahili
  - Polish - Mandarin ...

- Russian - Dari  
  - Slovak - Korean