Doing business with China: Business culture & etiquette

Doing business with China: Business culture & etiquette

If you want to conduct successful business with/in China, it is essential to understand Chinese business culture.  Chinese have a rich culture and they are extremely proud of their history. Both cultural and historical factors have a huge influence on how Chinese conduct their business. 

Many business deals fall apart due to fundamental misunderstandings; words are used differently in Chinese culture. “Doing business with China” training aims to help enhance your awareness of Chinese cultural values, attitudes, behaviours, do’s and don’ts.  You will learn how to build confidence while working with your Chinese business partners.

Training content


Historical and political overview of China

SEZs’ overview

Chinese religion, language, beliefs

Do’s and Don’ts

Chinese business etiquettes

How to negotiate with Chinese

How to manage long lasting relationships

Hierarchy and decision making in China 


Target group

Anyone who:

works in a Chinese business environment 

works with Chinese counterparts

Available language:  English 


Training duration: 1-Day