Intercultural communication

Intercultural communication

In today’s international business and cultural market, communication is the key to moving forward with clarity and success. 


Intercultural communication can be fascinating and rewarding once the basic rules have been mastered. How can you communicate openly if you have no idea of accepted behaviour?


Is it polite to call a Chinese man by his first name?

Is your business partner in a universal dimension?


Our Intercultural Communication training offers clarity and insight on the impact of intercultural values, attitude and behaviour, thereby enhancing your ability to engage in positive and rewarding contact in the Global Village that we share.


Contact us now and embark on the journey of enlightenment before you drown in a sea of confusion.




Cultural dimensions and examples of countries.

Which dimension of culture matter for long lasting business relations?

How does culture influence our perceptions?

What is a culture shock? How to avoid?

Overcoming uncertainty in intercultural environments.

How to behave in different environments.

How to make decisions in spite of difficulties in interpretation?

Developing the ability to understand different behaviour.



Anybody who

works in an international environment 

works on international projects

wants to feel ease in anywhere with anybody